Containment Vessel

R - Fuel Cont Vessel
Containment Vessel SL550A
Containment Vessel SL1000
Containment Vessel SL1500
Containment Vessel SL2000


Our precast concrete spill/leak containment vessels are constructed in accordance with Section 501, “Concrete Masonry”, of the Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

The concrete is air-entrained and has a minimum of 4000 PSI compressive strength when delivered.  Compressive strengths of over 7000 PSI are common in our vessels after 30 days.  The reinforcing steel is grade 40, No. 4 bars on 12″ centers each way.  The reinforcing is designed for the dynamic forces that exist when transporting the units.  These forces exceed those experienced on the site.


Anchor bolts are furnished to tie down the petroleum storage tanks.  No additional clearance for collision protection is required provided the tank is centered in the vessel and firmly bolted to the vessel.   These anchor bolts will prevent the floatation of any empty tank by rain water.

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These products have a Building Material Approval from the Safety and Buildings Division of the Wisconsin Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations (Approval #910002-U).  They are approved for use as dike systems in conformance with s. ILHR 10.345 (1) and also conform to the requirements of s. ILHR 10.345 (1)(a) for the above tank sizes, s. ILHR 10.415 (13)(a) for clearances for visual inspection and s. ILHR 10.345 (1)(b) for the siphon system for removal of liquid in the vessel and collision protection in accordance with s. ILHR 10.415 (8).