Hog Slats

Hog Slat Panel
Hog Slats
Hog House Nursery Panels

Our standard hog slat panel is 4′ wide, and 10′ long. The 4″ thick panels feature 5 7/8″ wide slats with 1″ slot openings. We also offer our 5″ thick panels in 8′,10′ and 12′ lengths. Our standard texture is a smooth (not slick) dry cast finish.

Wieser offers two special slats that can be used for breeding, gestation or finishing; a 4’x 6′ panel with 1″ slot openings and a 5″ slat, and a 4′ x 7′ panel that has 1 3/8″ slots with 5 1/2″ solid slats. Our standard texture is light broom which provides sure footing. These slats can also be special ordered with smooth to course broom finish.

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