Feed Bunk

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A - Fenceline Bunk with Cattle copy
Fenceline 1

Wieser’s selection of Precast Concrete Feed Bunks offer you a wide variety of choices, including both H- Bunk and Fenceline designs.

The Advantages of Wieser Feed Bunks

  • Made with Self-Consolidating Concrete cast upside-down to give a smooth, long lasting finish.
  • All are made from 6000 lb. test concrete to provide greater acid resistance.
  • These feed bunks feature rounded tops on the sides to prevent brisket damage to animals, and rounded inside corners which prevent feed build-up.
  • Double reinforcing with heavy gauge wire mesh, rebar and polypropylene fibers provides greater strength for longer bunk life.
  • Monolithic Ends Available on ALL styles H-Bunks Fenceline Bunks

Fenceline Bunks