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Safety Milestones

Safety MilestonesFOND DU LAC, WI – September, 2012 Wieser Concrete Products, Inc. celebrated a Safety Record Milestone at their Fond du Lac Precast Production facility. During the past six (6) years, the Fond du Lac work team has had no loss time injuries and they continue to add to this outstanding safety record.

To celebrate this milestone, Andy Winkler, Safety Manager and Mark Wieser, Vice President of Wieser Concrete prepared and served a, grilled steak dinner that was enjoyed by the entire team.

PORTAGE, WI– September, 2012, Wieser Concrete Products, Inc. celebrates a Safety Record Milestone.

The Wieser Concrete Portage Precast Production facility has been accident free for three (3) years. During the past three years, the Portage work team has had no loss time injuries and they continue to add to this outstanding safety record.

To celebrate this milestone, Mark Wieser, Vice President of Wieser Concrete and Safety Manager, Andy Winkler, prepared and served a grilled steak dinner that was enjoyed by the entire team.

Wieser Concrete’s Portage precast facility produces a wide array of precast products for agricultural, commercial and highway applications with a focus on large tanks with capacities up to 40,000 gallons.

The Face Behind the Voice

Jason Zellmer“Please connect me with Jasen Zellmer”…you may know the name and voice but probably not the face.

Jasen recently joined our AutoCad department. Working with Steve Truax, Jasen works with customers and Wieser Concrete production staff to ensure
that the precast product the customer orders matches the structure produced.

Steve and Jasen create production drawings and work with the customer to secure an approved drawing and then provide technical support as needed throughout the project.

Jason calls Durand, Wisconsin his home and looks forward to working with you on your next project!


Date Show Location
Oct 2-6, 2012 World Dairy Expo Madison, Wisconsin

Precast Wins the Day

Lester Park SchoolBring on the rain. Quick and efficient — precast concrete underground stormwater systems are sized to channel large discharges of rainwater through the proper outlet and at a prescribed flow to nearby bodies of water.

Stormwater management products are structures designed for underground installation that have been specifically engineered for the treatment and removal of pollutants from stormwater run-off.
These precast concrete products include vaults, catch basins and manholes. Most stormwater management products are modular in design and are available in a number of configurations. The structures and all connections are constructed
with watertight integrity so that the contents discharge only as prescribed.

This month’s featured project was originally specified as a poured-in-place tank but when the option of a Wieser precast tank was presented, the customer determined that installing the precast structure would save time and money. In addition, precast
offered additional value such as:

  • Proven strength, resilience and water-tightness.
  • With a specific gravity of 2.40, precast concrete resists buoyant forces better than any other material. Once it is installed, it stays put! AND
  • Precast concrete withstands not only the volumes of water flowing inside them, but extreme loading conditions on the outside as well. And in both cases, precast stands up to corrosive elements.

Wieser Concrete can produce and deliver the precast structures your project requires. Contact your nearest Wieser Concrete sales office to get started.