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Celebrating Milestones

PORTAGE, WI – September, 2011, Wieser Concrete Products, Inc. celebrates a Safety Record Milestone. The Wieser Concrete Portage Precast Production facility has been accident free for two (2) years. During the past two years, the Portage work team has had no loss time injuries and they continue to add to this outstanding safety record.

To celebrate this milestone, Mark Wieser, Vice President of Wieser Concrete and Safety Manager, Andy Winkler, prepared and served a grilled steak dinner that was enjoyed by the entire team.

Wieser Concrete’s Portage precast facility produces a wide array of precast products for agricultural, commercial and highway applications with a focus on large tanks with capacities up to 40,000 gallons.

Wieser Upcoming Event Schedule
“Onsite Wastewater Professionals can earn continuing education credits required by the State of Wisconsin in one, fun-filled day at the 2012 Onsite Wastewater Training Seminars sponsored by Wieser Concrete. Seminars qualify as six (6) credits toward Wisconsin’s continuing education requirement and feature informational sessions, and industry vendor displays showing the latest onsite technologies. Attendees will also have an opportunity to network with industry and regulatory professionals. Five seminars will be held in March, 2012. The dates and locations are:

If you would like to receive advance registration information electronically, please e-mail Amy Schlosser at





March 13, 2012 Onsite Wastewater Training Seminar Fond du Lac, WI
March 15, 2012 Onsite Wastewater Training Seminar Arbor Vitae, WI
March 22, 2012 Onsite Wastewater Training Seminar Maiden Rock, WI
March 27, 2012 Onsite Wastewater Training Seminar Portage, WI
March 29, 2012 Onsite Wastewater Training Seminar Shell Lake, WI

Logistical Challenges

Wieser Concrete prides itself on producing innovative, quality precast structures for its customers and while we enjoy producing the standard products, the challenge of producing specialized structures is a treat.

Producing a customized structure not only keeps everyone on their toes but it adds to our production knowledge and ability to leverage that knowledge on future projects.

This project was originally specified as a poured-in-place tank but when the option of a Wieser precast tank was presented, the customer determined that installing the precast structure would save time and money. However, due to the size of the tank components, getting the structures to the jobsite involved a little more than simply loading it on trucks and driving to the job.

Transporting precast by truck can present challenges due to road restrictions of weight, height and width. This structure was wider than normally allowed and because it was moving from Wisconsin to Minnesota, it was necessary to secure permits from both states. In addition, each state has different restrictions regarding when and where the loaded truck can move on the roads.

This structure was produced at our Maiden Rock, Wisconsin facility and needed to be set on the jobsite in Duluth, Minnesota. Once the proper permits were secured, trucks needed to move at night in Wisconsin and only during daylight hours in Minnesota.

One Tank Section Loaded & Waiting for Escorts

The trucks could not be on the roads in either state during prime morning or evening drive times and they needed to have escorts for each truck.

The coordination for this road trip was interesting to say the least but when all was said and done, the customer received a quality precast structure that was installed within one day and met the project requirements to a tee.

Wieser Concrete can produce and deliver the precast components your project requires. Contact your nearest Wieser Concrete sales office to get started.

Custom Box Project

Lester Park School
Duluth, Minnesota

Storm Water Sedimentation Tank

  • 16′ Wide x 30′ Long x 5′ Hig